2021 Business Builders Connection Conference


October 29-31 | Dewey Beach, DE

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The Business Builders Connection Conference is a safe space for professionals to share their
ideas and collaborate with colleagues. Plus, enjoy the added bonus of an all-inclusive stay at Hyatt Place at Dewey Beach! Dewey Beach is a small seaside town with a quaint, village-like feel. Enjoy great tax-free shopping, amazing restaurants, breathtaking sunrises, a day at the spa, wineries, and priceless networking opportunities!

For Solo Practitioners, Small Firms, & Entrepreneurs

Keynote Speaker


Feel like you’re on an endless hamster wheel, just trying to keep your business going? You provide an amazing service, but despite all your efforts and good intentions, your day-to-day is a constant struggle to find interested people, set your practice apart, and make the sale – all while competing against established industry players and dealing with customers who seem to care about only one thing... PRICE. In this game-changing session, you’ll walk away with a complete understanding of where you’ve been going wrong, and you will know the three instantly-implementable strategies to turn it all around.

Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, blogger, author, mentor, coach, and serial entrepreneur with five multi-million dollar business success stories under his belt, all before the age of 30. He is the founder and CEO of Rapid Growth, LLC, dedicated to achieving maximum ROI for businesses of all sizes. Though his client list includes multiple Fortune 500 companies, his real passion is helping small business owners end the overwhelm, eliminate the stress and guesswork, and get on a clear path to Rapid Growth. Called “the real deal” by Forbes, his methods have transformed over 3500 businesses to date.

What if you could quadruple appointments, shorten sales cycles, and skyrocket profits, all through the application of one powerful technique? Shift away from the uncomfortable bulldog tactics of the past, to a new, relaxed, and scientifically proven methodology that consistently multiplies results, guaranteed.

Choose your favorite sessions to attend:

Ice-Breaker - Pick Your Practicioner

A fun game between a trio of practitioners vying for the chance to work with a small business taxpayer needing assistance with income taxes, payroll, accounting and other tasks.  Topics of importance to both the client and the practitioner will be identified and highlighted for further discussion over the weekend.

Practicing After The Pandemic

Are we out of it yet?  Maybe not.  But we’ll discuss how our offices changed policies and procedures during the pandemic.  We will also focus on the changes in client interactions and remote working.  How well these changes worked and what needs to be adjusted for the next season. 

Firm of the Future

The practice of accounting has been around for as long as humanity has had a need to keep track of the transfer of goods and services among people. Artifacts, some 7,000 years old reveal that people have been keeping track of transactions for as long as we have had agriculture and lived in those first ancient cities. This course will tell the story of our profession, from where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we are heading.

Workflow Management

Do projects and returns move smoothly through your office? We’ll discuss ideas of best practices for internal processes and procedures. How other practitioners manage e-mails, client calls, schedules, outsourcing, reminders, task tracking, time management, and more. 

State and Local Reporting Requirements

For certain business clients – how to manage sales/use tax to begin with – what records are needed, etc.  Then, pre-audit preparation, support documentation – what is best, how best to present the data, jurisdictional differences, sales tax vs. use tax, the appeals process, and more.

QuickBooks Online

Discussion and sharing of the software’s uses and benefits. These include price changes, software alternatives for bookkeeping and payroll, new features, shortcuts, and best practices. The presenter will address the Pro-Advisor program and answer questions.  An information-packed session.

Staffing Issues

For those practitioners who have some employees or who are looking to expand their offices and add staff for the first time. We’ll discuss finding employees, training and development, remote workers, seasonal employees, terminating employees, and the legal issues. Adding staff, you can replicate yourself and make higher profits on the work of the staff.

Microsoft One Note

Microsoft OneNote is the most under-utilized piece of software everyone owns and few know how to use.   If you aren't using OneNote or using it just to take notes - this course is for you.  Learn how to turn OneNote into your own personal internet library with the ability to capture information and then retrieve it anywhere at any time.

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