Creating a Rapid Growth Practice:

Your Ticket to Higher Profits and Less Stress

Differentiation & Message Unification

Set yourself apart from your competition, put an end to competing on price, and learn the secret to exciting prospective clients.

Niche Marketing

Identify who your customers are, how to be seen as the only logical choice, and how to get paid what you're worth.

Sales Systemization

Create an individualized sales process that brings repeatable, reliable results.


After seeing Matthew Pollard present the keynote at a conference he attended, Jonathan Rivlin was amazed by the energy and thoughtful way that he presented from the stage, but also by how approachable he was. Matthew's examples through storytelling were a turning point in Jonathan's professional development, and it helped him see his business in an entirely different light. As a CPA, Jonathan was always taught to work in the business, but not on the business. And Matthew has completely changed his mindset when it comes to how he views his business going forward.

Matthew Pollard is “The Rapid Growth Guy,” dedicated to helping small business owners succeed. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Small Business Festival, ranked among the Top 5 in the nation by Inc. Magazine. He is a sought-after judge at many of America's most prominent startup events including Google Start-up Weekend, AngelHack, and Microsoft’s 60 Seconds to Startup. Matthew is in the International Sales Blogger Awards Hall of Fame and has been featured or published in Entrepreneur, CEO Magazine, Inc., Top Sales World, and Forbes.

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